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66 Year Old Jackie Jackson & Young Wife Show Off Their Adorable 2 Year Old Twins


66 Year Old Jackie Jackson & Young Wife Show Off Their Adorable 2 Year Old Twins

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When the iconic Jackson 5 singer, Jackie Jackson, said “I do” to his blushing new bride in 2012, it pretty much went unnoticed by millions of his fans. That was because ever since Jackie and his wife, Emily Besselink-Jackson, have been together, they have mostly stayed under the radar, only going public for very rare occasions. One of those occasions was for the birth celebration of their then newborn twins, Jaylen and River, who were born in December 2014.

Although Jackie is a proud Old School cat who makes 66 look like the new 46 by the way, his wife is young enough to be his daughter at 38 years old. In fact, she’s actually younger than Jackie’s and his late ex-wife, Enid Jackson’s, 40 year old son, Sigmund “Siggy” Esco Jackson, Jr.

Their Twins Then

Speaking of Siggy, it was at his September wedding, that Jackie, Emily, and their now two year old twins (they’ll be 3 in Dec.), made another rare public appearance. The last time we’d laid eyes on the lovebirds’ baby boys, they looked like this…

(L)Jackie and wife, Enid at their twins’ baby shower; (R) Their then infant twins, Jaylen and River Jackson

Their Twins Now

But now they are pretty tall toddlers. Check them out at their big brother’s wedding, lookin’ sharp as cactus hair in their mini tuxedos.  Here’s Jackie, his son, Siggy; twin sons, Jaylen and River (in the blue suits) and Siggy’s son.

Jackie’s daughter, Brandi, sons Jaylen and River, and Siggy’s son…

And of course, it’s only natural that they hang out in the studio with their Dad. Music is in their blood and it looks like they’re loving every second of watching Jackie do his thing with his artists in the studio.

Why Many Are Surprised By Jackie’s New Daughter-In-Law

People are very surprised to see that Siggy has done something that most of his Jackson family are not doing- he married an African American person.

Yes, a Jackson actually married and has kids with a Black woman.  That’s not a diss by any means, just the truth. Although Jackie’s late ex-wife (Siggy’s mother), Enid Jackson, was African American, that was long ago in the 1970’s and 80’s. But in recent years that’s changed and like I mentioned, he’s now happily married to Emily…

Congratulations to Siggy and Toyia.  And to Jackie and Emily, their toddlers are getting SO big.

Here’s a Jackson 5 Classic throwback from way back that Jackie recently shared…


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