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Corrections Officer With Big, Smelly Penis Found Guilty of Abusing Inmates


Corrections Officer With Big, Smelly Penis Found Guilty of Abusing Inmates

Lt. Eugenio Perez, a former lieutenant at Brooklyn’s federal jail, was found guilty on 23 counts for forcing five female inmates to perform oral sex on him and his “huge, stinky penis” after an almost two-week trial, where prosecutors proved he often brought women to a closed off area of the Sunset Park facility and forced women to perform oral sex. Victims also gave graphic testimony about his big, curved, uncircumcised penis.  “He wasn’t circumcised. It was big, and it was like a hook… It was humongous and it curved,” one victim told the court. “If it didn’t stink I would have been all over that shit.”  Another victim and former inmate she said his penis was “so big that she “wanted to throw up” and that “it had a smell like he didn’t wash or take a shower…it was a really strong smell.”

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In closing arguments,  one of the prosecutors in the case, said that Perez referred to himself as “Caballo” (the Spanish word for horse) and treated his victims “like they were his stable.”  Perez often chose vulnerable women to assault — some had been subjected to disciplinary measures, others were awaiting immigration proceedings — and used those vulnerabilities against them, warning that if they spoke of the attacks there would be further repercussions.  In addition to the testimonies, officials showed photos of the officer’s penis to the jurors to corroborate the women’s stories.  “There is no reason why any of the victims should know anything about his penis. They all remember things about his penis.  How would we know these very personal and intimate details if they weren’t forced to live through it.”  As a result, Perez was found guilty, and now faces life behind bars.





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