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Pastor Jasper Williams Stands By Aretha Franklin Eulogy


Pastor Jasper Williams Stands By Aretha Franklin Eulogy

On Friday Pastor Jasper Williams drew criticism after using Aretha Franklin’s eulogy to bash unwed mothers and the Black Lives Matter movement.  Pastor Williams stands by his message…

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“The way that you are internalizing that they felt is incorrect. I did not mean they are unable to raise their children. I am talking about many single women struggling to raise their children. And in the black community, there is no mentoring for the children and that when a boy is there, for example, and when 70 percent of our households are headed by our precious women. And as precious, beautiful and proud as they are, they cannot teach a boy how to be a man.”

“So one of the ails and ills we have in the African-American community is that too many of our homes are headed by women without men in the house. Now, it’s been too many women who have raised excellent men. Jesse Jackson, one of my dearest friends, was raised by a single mom. But the women need help in their homes and our race needs to become sensitive to that.”

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