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Shauna Brooks Checks 50 Cent


Shauna Brooks Checks 50 Cent

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Earlier this week 50 Cent angered many in the LGBT community, when he referred to a transgender woman as a “punk.” As many know “punk” is a slur, typically aimed at a homosexual man. When 50 Cent used that terminology, he sparked a major debate.  But, there was no debating from Shauna Brooks, a well-known transgender woman who immediately began throwing shots, aiming to “expose” 50 Cent. She came with some receipts and even got a co-sign.  She accused 50 Cent of once dating a transgender woman, Sidney Starr. After seeing the post, Sidney commented and said “facts.”  It all started after 50 Cent posted this video with the following caption on instagram…

Then Shauna took it over the her page where Sidney Starr chimed in…

Fun Fact: Back in 2012 Sidney Starr famously admitted lying about having a tryst with rapper Chingy after ruining his career [click here if you missed that].

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