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Jill Scott Accused of Selling Child’s Beloved Pet


Jill Scott Accused of Selling Child’s Beloved Pet

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I don’t even want to think Jill could do something like this.  Jill Scott’s messy divorce turns petty after estranged husband accuses her of selling his kid’s dog.  Jill Scott’s estranged husband Mike Dobson just filed legal docs accusing Jill Scott of getting rid of his child’s dog after she kicked him out of her house.  The court docs claim Jill either sold or gave the dog away without giving Mike the chance to retrieve it and then cruelly telling his child the dog had been sold when they asked to come get it.

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Mike also claims Jill never returne his clothing or other personal belongings after she changed the locks and filed for divorce last September after 15 months of marriage.  The case is ongoing.

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