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Supreme McGriff Checks His Son?


Supreme McGriff Checks His Son?

Over the past week rapper 50 Cent has been trolled mercilessly by the son of the jailed New York gangster who famously shot him 9 nine times, Kenneth ‘Supreme’ McGriff, after 50 said he wouldn’t mind if the kid got hit by a bus after he posted a picture of himself and 50’s estranged son Maquise Jackson on Instagram.  Did ‘Preme just put a G-check down on his son…?

He may have.

Image result for supreme mcgriff and 50 cent son
This week Supreme’s son Kyle posted on Instagram that his pops didn’t know 50 was “shitting” on him and then a screen grab from a phone call telling his followers he was “in hot water now.”

As of yesterday Kyle was still trolling and clout chasing…

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