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Foxy Brown’s Rep Jumps Ship


Foxy Brown’s Rep Jumps Ship

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This week Foxy Brown was accused of stealing $10,000 from designer LaQuan Smith after she showed up hours late for his ‘New York Fashion Week’ after- party and then refused to perform.  Apparently Foxy Brown agreed to perform two songs for $10,000 –  $5,000 up front and $5,000 after the show.  Promoters claim Foxy showed up hours late, snatched the $5,000 check from their hands and ran out of the venue without ever uttering a note.  The promoters are demanding Foxy return the loot or see them in court.  Foxy’s reps have had enough.  Foxy Brown’s publicist Lizzie Grubman resigned Tuesday.  Grubman confirmed to Page Six that she resigned but did not comment further.

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