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Half Sister Shades Angela Simmons


Half Sister Shades Angela Simmons

Because of the TV show “Run’s House,” Angela Simmons became a household name.  The difference between her and her siblings is that Angela wanted and managed to stay in the spotlight.  Her brothers, Jojo and Diggy, had music careers that never fully caught on and her older sister, Vanessa, and youngest brother, Russy, seem to have no use for the spotlight.  When Angela Simmons was cast on “Growing Up Hip Hop,” her other siblings were brought on.  Many overlook the fact that Justine Simmons isn’t Vanessa, Angela and Jojo’s mom.

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On “Growing Up Hip Hop” Angela and Vanessa bonded with Daryan, their biological mother’s other daughter. The whole run has centered on tension between Daryan and Angela. Now, things have taken a bad turn, as Daryan is blasting Angela for cutting her out of her life.  After a recent taping of “Growing Up Hip Hop” Daryan went off on Angela for trying to fake a relationship just for the cameras.

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