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Ahman Green Arrested for Child Abuse


Ahman Green Arrested for Child Abuse

Ahman Green’s 15-yr.-old daughter told police her dad punched her in the face after an argument over doing the dishes — but Green says that’s not the whole truth.  The ex-GB Packers RB was arrested Monday morning after cops responded to his Wisconsin home at 11:26 AM following a 911 call from a neighbor. According to the complaint, Ahman’s daughter says the 2 had been arguing all day long about chores — she did not want to wash the dishes — and tension mounted between her and Ahman.  Things came to a head, according to Green’s daughter, when the ex-NFL star grabbed her, threw her to the ground and up against the kitchen cabinets … before punching her in the face.  When cops arrived, officers noticed her left eye was “swollen, slightly black and blue, and had 2 minor scratches.”

Ahman, of course, tells a different story.  Ahman admits they were arguing, and things got physical. But insists he did not punch her. Instead he says he “slapped her upside the head” — and her glasses caused the damage to her face.  He also admits he pushed her during the argument.  Green’s defense is he was physically disciplining his child — not abusing her.  Cops arrested Ahman and charged him with felony child abuse and disorderly conduct.

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