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Kansas City Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt on Video Assaulting A Woman


Kansas City Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt on Video Assaulting A Woman

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The Kansas City Chiefs have been doing really well, thanks to their quarterback Patrick Mahomes and their star running back Kareem Hunt. But it looks like the Chiefs have a problem on their hands after a video obtained by TMZ surfaced of Kareem going off on a woman in a hotel hallway.  The video is actually from earlier this year in February, so curious minds want to know why Kareem hasn’t missed a game since the incident? In the video you can see Kareem push and shove the 19-year-old woman and then finally kick her when she’s on the floor.


Police were called when the incident happened, but no arrests were made. The Chief’s organization didn’t put out a public statement or didn’t publicly give Kareem a reprimand… that is until today, now that it’s gone public. Kareem was sent home from the Chief’s practice facility and will likely be placed on the exempt list, which means he will probably not play this Sunday.  Interestingly enough, the consequences for his actions in the video come conveniently when it goes public.






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