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Tristan Thompson Has Been Cheating on Khloe for Months


Tristan Thompson Has Been Cheating on Khloe for Months

Earlier today video leaked of Khloe Kardashian’s soon-to-be baby daddy Tristan Thompson hugging and kissing another girl in the club.  Turns out Tristan has been cheating on Khloe for months. Surveillance video from inside a club back in October has leaked showing Tristian making out with two totally different women in Washington D.C.

There’s also video of Tristian checking into the Four Seasons hotel in New York with an entirely different woman while Khloe was back home in Cleveland.

Tristan Thompson Caught Kissing in the Club

Busted!  Khloe Kardashain’s baby daddy-to-be, Tristan Thompson, caught getting close to a whole nother girl in the club…

Keep in mind, Tristian and Khloe first hooked up while his other baby mama Jordan Craig was pregnant with his first child.  If he did it to his first baby-mama, what made Khloe think he wouldn’t do it to her?  These women gotta start thinking…

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